Attractive VS Unattractive Introverts

These are the dialogs and the talks.

Hey, Ryan What are you doing? I’m going home. You know, we’re going to hang out at the bridge, maybe you’d like to come with us. Sorry, I don’t have time right now. Do you think he doesn’t like us? Maybe he needs to meet his cooler 인계동 풀싸롱 friends.

You know that I’m also mysteriously going to get back home. I wonder what he is doing now? He’s probably with his girl right now. Do you think he has a girlfriend? Why would he keep disappearing like that after school? Do you think? You should invite him over or something.

I tried it earlier but he didn’t want to. Maybe when we organize something bigger, he will come. I can pull some strings. At worst, he will some girl so whatever. I would feel bad if I had to watch him being all cuddly with someone else.

So invite another guy? Like who? That weirdo that keeps following you all the time. Do you mean Nathan? He’s probably sitting at home right now doing some weird things. You know, she’s not lying but it still hurts.

You must be kidding, he has some aggression problem. You saw what he did to Ryan today. Yeah, I saw it. My heart stopped for a moment, how could he? I didn’t mean to. Besides, when he tackled me, you all laughed.

See what I chose. What? Do you have that at home? Yeah, those nets allow you to plunge into and cleanse all bad emotions that are gathering in your body. Maybe I should buy one for my dad, he was so cranky lately.

And then I said to her, either all of us or no one. All 5 of you? No, man, she said she was bored and went home. That’s a bummer. Don’t listen to him, he’s making up everything on the fly. That’s not true, anyway, so we went hit the club and there were those two.

.. Hey Ryan what are you doing? I just, I don’t know. Do you see something interesting? You guys can’t see him? Whom? I don’t see anybody. Yeah, I guess you are right.