NEW!! STAR Betting 메이저사이트 Strategy!

메이저사이트 stop-loss for the day

You will need 40 units to play the star, and this will also be our 메이저사이트 slot machine stop-loss for the day. Now. Here is the basic concept of the star strategy: two things: okay, number, one, after a win, you will parlay your bat.

What do I mean by parlay? It just means you let your winnings ride. Okay, so as an example, let’s say we place a five-dollar bet and we win. We will get back 10 dollars correct so for our next 메이저사이트 bet we will keep the 10 on the table.

This is also known as pressing. Your 메이저사이트 bet number two. You must win back-to-back consecutive times when playing the star strategy, so you will have 17 attempts to try to win two times in a row. Now take a look here.

We are gonna start on stage one, but before we do, we will take our unit size and break it down using 메이저사이트 bets, spreads so say. For example, we use five-dollar units. We will take our original unit size and divide it by five, okay, so five dollars divided by five.

We get one dollar and this will be the amount you use to start betting on stage one your unit size might be different. So say you use ten dollar units. You would divide it by five and you would start at two dollars on stage one.

If you use twenty-five dollar units, you will start with five dollars on stage. One makes sense: okay, now well you would take this amount and start betting after a win, you will parlay your bet so say.

For example, I place a one-dollar bet I win. My next bet will be a two-dollar bet because we are letting our winnings ride. Okay, now, whether you win or lose your parlayed bet, you will go back to the same amount of your stage, one bet, but what happens when you lose? So you are gonna stay on stage one until you hit a minus seven.

So once you have hit a minus seven, you will then go to stage two, as you can see in stage two. We start with our original unit size. Remember as an example, I used five-dollar units, okay, and that is exactly where we are starting on stage two so again the same concept.

parlaying 메이저사이트 bet

I parlay my 메이저사이트 bet, so my next bet is ten dollars and I lose that bet. Well, I now have another chance at the five-dollar level to win back-to-back times makes sense, but let’s say I lose again. I will now move down to the next level for ten dollars same concept.

I have two chances to win back-to-back times at the ten-dollar level. Okay, so I’m looking for a ten-dollar win, followed by a twenty-dollar win. If that doesn’t happen. Next, I’m looking for a 15 win, followed by a 30 win, and if that doesn’t happen, I will then look for a 25 win, followed up by a 50 win.

This is a good strategy. I like it, you will get the hang of it pretty easily once you start practicing it. Let’s take a look at our spreadsheet and go through a couple of examples, so we would start on stage one and if we use five-dollar units as an example, we will be starting with one-dollar bets say I win.

My first bet for one dollar – I will now parlay my suitable online 메이저사이트 bet, so my next bet will be two dollars, and let’s say I win that bet. I will go back down to one dollar. I will keep doing this until I have failed seven times because remember once we hit minus seven units on stage one, we will go to stage two so say I’m playing a shoe and I win.

My first bet loses the second loss the third loss. The fourth win, the fifth bet, but lose the sixth bet and then lose the seventh bet. You can see that I have lost five out of my seven bets, but we are still at minus five.

We have two more one-dollar units to go before we go to stage two. Does that make sense, so I would keep going on stage one, and let’s say I win my next bet and then I lose the following parlayed bet and then I lose once more.

You can now see that we are at minus seven, so this is our trigger to go to stage two and we will start stage two with our original unit size of five dollars. If we win back-to-back times, okay, so the first bet would be five dollars.

We would press our bet. The next bet would be ten and take a look. We would be in profit at a plus eight dollars. Do you see how that works? But say we lose okay, we lose our parlayed bet all right. We have one more chance.

Remember you have two chances at each amount on stage two okay, so this is one loss all right at the five dollar level. We have one more shot at it. Okay, so say I win, but then I lose again on my parlayed bet all right.

Say I win on the 15 bets. I will parlay. My 메이저사이트 bet next bet will be thirty dollars and let’s say we win, take a look again. We are at plus eight dollars. We would then move back to stage one okay. I will still show you the amounts.

If you were to lose. Okay, so say we lose the parlayed bet, and then we lose again at the 15 levels. We have to move to the 25 level say we lose and we lose again. Okay. We are now at the last level. 40 bet.

If we win the 40 bets, we will go ahead and parlay the bet and say we win. Take a look. We are now at a plus three dollars. We can go back to stage one because we have recovered and made a little bit of profit.

Okay, but again, if you were to lose so say we lose the parlayed bet. We have one more shot at it. We win, but we cannot get a back-to-back win and we lose again on the parlayed 메이저사이트 bet. As you can see, we are at minus 197 dollars which, if you divide it by the unit size, I used here five dollars.

You would get 39.4 close to a minus 40 unit loss. Remember how I mentioned at the beginning of the video that you need 40 units to play the star strategy, i also recommend your stop loss being at -40 units and there you have the star betting strategy.